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Jan, 2020

Open Letter to Tri-C Youth Athletics' Athletes, Parents, and Supporters

Good afternoon to all the parents and followers of Tri-C Athletics.

There are many changes in operating practices this year including financial, security, deadlines, age bracket, etc. As a board, we understand that not all decisions we make will be popular; but please remember we are making these based on the needs of the children we serve as the 18-member board of volunteers see it.  

Financially the cost this past year per child to participate was $72.08. With that being said, the current plan is not sustainable. We have been making up the difference each year from revenue generated from concessions, sponsorships and our fundraiser. As the primary users of the James St. Park we are responsible with the city for some of the maintenance and repair of the park.  For example; we have just ordered 5 new batting cages at a cost of around $9,000.00 of which the city and us will split the cost. We have just taken bids on replacing all the dugouts and backstops of which we are process of finding ways to pay for it. It's our fundamental desire to keep the costs as low as we can. We regrettably have to raise the prices of participation to $50.00. Family package of $40.00 for the second child; $30.00 for the third child and $20.00 for the fourth child.  

The security of your child is the most important aspect of anything we do; therefore, starting with baseball and softball all board members ( board members have completed) and coaches will have to undergo a background check that will be conducted from an outside source. This will be paid for by Tri-C and is one of the contributing factors to raising the costs of participation. You will see details in full in the next few days.  

Deadlines for signups is the most contested conversation the board has had over the years I have been affiliated with Tri-C. It's our desire that no child is left out; however, at some point registration has to end so we can prepare for the season that is upon us. Some of the agenda ahead include obtaining coaches, preparing practice and playing schedules (last yr. 47 teams) ordering shirts, planning picture day, and the draft. Tonight, there will be a vote on what we feel is the best solution going forward for all sports and the hope that parents will get their child registered before the deadline.  

As we try each year to make improvements in all our programs; we will be changing the age brackets for baseball.  Due to numbers registered, change can occur as it did in basketball this year.  The baseball changes are as follows: For the 2 younger groups will be both boys and girls: T-Ball 4 yr. old; Pinto B. 5-6 yr. old; 7-8 Pinto, 9-10 Mustang; 11-12 Bronco; and 13-15 Pony. The cutoff dates will be the same Sept. 1st thru August 31st.

Jim Shields