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Feb, 2020

2020 Baseball, Softball, and Tball Updates

Change....It brings anxiety at times; but, is very necessary at times. There has been some concerns raised regarding Mustang girls, Shetland co-ed, and boys age bracket changes. Route 13 was created to provide the opportunities for our youth to have someone to play. If we don't have at least 4 teams in an age group; it's not a lot of fun to play the same 2 teams. We are only looking at Mustang and above playing Rt. 13. For example, Mustang girls have 4 teams and if it is the preferred choice to stay in house, we will. Rule changes for Mustang girls are only if they play in the Rt. 13 league. There are many towns that make up the League; therefore, there are many different opinions on how Mustang girls should be played. The rule changes were a compromise from all towns involved in Rt. 13. We've realigned all of our boys age brackets to coincide with Rt. 13 so we can utilize this league if our numbers don't support playing in house. This will allow our kids to play in more appropriate age brackets. Two years ago, we had 15 yr. old boys playing with 11yr olds. Shetland co-ed is a change of ages from 6-7 yr. old to 5-6 yr. olds. When looking at the previous numbers from last year; we only had 25 girls moving up to the new age bracket and 75 boys. 25 is not enough for the girls to have their own league. If registrations get us in the 40 range; we will have an all- girls league so they can use a softball. Practice time is something we wanted to create more of. This year, each team will get 2 practices on the field and one cage. We will be installing 5 new batting cages soon. I understand that not all decisions will fit into each individual paren'ts desire for their child. We have to look at what we think is best for all.

Jim Shields